Types of men you will met on Valentines day and how they will act

This is the list of guys you
will surely meet during this festival of love have
been compile. Here are 10 ways guys will likely
act come February 14th.
1. Those who are preparing for it
Based on our research, these people are
planning to give bae a treat she won’t forget in
a hurry. Whether there’s recession or not,
Buhari or Goodluck, APC or PDP, their
girlfriends can be assured that they won’t be
disappointed. Expensive gifts, exotic dates,
vacation and many more are some of the plans
this category of guys have in store.
2. Those with problems
By now, these set of guys are already lamenting
that things are not going as expected. If they’ve
been saying it before, they will emphasize it
again and again so their girlfriends won’t even
have any hope. It’s either there’s a problem at
work or someone owing them money absconded
etc There must just be a good excuse. If your
guy complains of this, dear sister, just go and
pray. God is your consolation in this trying
period. cheesy
3. Those who will celebrate it in church
As we all know, 2018 Ash Wednesday coincides
with the Valentine celebration. If your boyfriend
is pious, just forget any date or gift. Spirit mode
activated! If he’s not fasting, he could also
invite you over to his church because his pastor
told him to be in church for a Valentine day’s
program. All na format! He has decided to love
God due to condition. grin
4. Those who looking forward to the matches
Where are the football fans? Many guys are
already jubilating because of the Barca vs. PSG
match. The excitement is real! Whether they
have money or not, there’s nothing like
Valentine to them. Aside the fact that the
match is a must-watch, you do the maths.
Viewing centre is N200 while date is N10, 000
or more depending on their girlfriend’s taste.
The difference is clear. Guys be like “baby,
prove your love to me by watching this match.”
5. Those who will fall sick
Those who are thinking the most and are
frustrated with the coming celebration are those
who have a girlfriend that is more than their
pocket. This measure may look extreme but
how man go do? They are already thinking of
falling sick and which type of sickness is the
best excuse. They will be wondering the one
their girlfriend will believe the most. If you’re
that girlfriend, by the time they are done with
the arrangement, you may end up spending your
money on them out of concern. Sense will not
kill guys! grin
6. Those who will travel
Well, some guys can’t really man up and tell
their girlfriends that there is no show. The
drama can be too much. To avoid this, they will
play along and promise heaven and earth. On
the D-Day, they would send bae a message that
they received an emergency call to travel. The
only travel they will really do is to go and spend
the day at one of their hommies’ place. Haha,
we understand; someone cannot come and kill
himself. grin
7. Those who will be MIA
Very wise guys! They will make mouth watering
promises and may even tell their girlfriends to
bring her friends because that day will be mad
fun. You wish! On valentine’s day, they will start
giving excuses like long traffic, flat tire, flat
battery – you just name it! Don’t be shocked! All
the calamities that supposedly occur that day
will return to normalcy the next day. But that
Feb 14th? They will be MIA- Missing in Action.
8. Those who are blunt
These guys are the real MVPs. They’re brave.
There’s no time for all the tricks other guys are
preparing. They would just tell their girlfriends
straight up that there will be nothing like
Valentine. They be like, “forget all those
telemundo, let’s do Nigerian love” or “this year
is bad timing; we will do it specially next year”

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