Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu reveals how he was poisoned by a close friend

Blossom Chukwujekwu,renowned Nollywood actor has
just revealed shocking details of a close friend
who deliberately tried to kill him by poisoning
his food.
According to him, 'So sometime ago I was
POISONED. And no, not accidental food
poisoning. This was a DELIBERATE,
INTENTIONAL, well crafted plan to terminate my
life, by one I called FAMILY'.
He continued to say, 'But hey, MARK 16 vs
17-18 was and still is my REALITY. The poison
could NOT do me ANY harm. No be say na me
PRAY pass. No be say na me HOLY pass. But
because God LOVES me way too MUCH. And
when the said person noticed that I was not
harmed, the person stayed away in FEAR but my
hands were still stretched out in love because
LOVE ALWAYS leaves the door OPEN. May God
help you DISCERN those that wish you evil and
put the fear of you in their hearts. Sometimes
what you're holding on to is what God is
SAVING you from. STAY WOKE. I am still ALIVE
and can only plant that KISS because JESUS was
BORN. So when I say am UNTOUCHABLE and
NEVER walk alone I mean IT! No be my power.
Na Jesus power, the SUPER POWER. Your
BELIEF is your REALITY. WHAT do you believe?
WHO do you believe? I BELIEVE in JESUS. I
believe in his WORD. He is the SAVIOUR of the
whole world. The FATHER of Spirits. The Soon
coming KING. He REIGNS over ALL. Merry
Christmas FAM'.

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